Intermittent Fasting Is Probably Not What You Think It Is

The first time I heard about intermittent fasting was in 2012 when the so-called “5-2 diet”, which is not actually a diet, became popular in Britain, though I was already familiar with the idea behind the term.

Back then the science of fasting was weak and many experts, especially old guard nutritionists, considered food deprivation, even for short periods of time, detrimental to health. Some of them still do, but, fortunately, compelling evidence has emerged to paint a radically different picture and intermittent fasting is now one of the most popular health trends in the world, with more and more people adopting it each year.

But I have a problem with the term itself.

A Long Overdue Experiment

Today I started a new bodybuilding program that I’ve been working on for quite some time now, and I thought what better way to kick-start the new site than to write a post about it? After all, this is by no means a conventional program as I will be doing a lot of things that defy the current fitness and nutrition dogmas, so consider this an experiment; an experiment literally years in the making.

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